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(One Person)

Dive into the world of MacroEdge with our Individual Account. Perfectly tailored for solo macro enthusiasts, this option allows one person to access our curated research and resources. Explore, learn, and thrive with MacroEdge at your fingertips.

*Individual membership signup option available now.

34.99 USD  / user


(Small Business)

Elevate your team's game with our Small Business Account. Designed exclusively for dynamic groups of 2-4 people, this tier ensures seamless collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Experience enhanced insights and collaborative tools that set you apart.

*Collaborative membership signup option available now.

74.99 USD  / user


(Mid-Large Business)

Step into elite economic research and intelligence with our Enterprise Account. Ideal for companies with 5+ members, this package offers bespoke research reports and tailored solutions. Lead with MacroEdge, and redefine your business's financial prowess.

*Enterprise account registration by inquiry only. 

By Inquiry Only

Data Dashboard

Built through rigorous curation to the most important data to put you in the know, the Insights Dashboard presents a streamlined insight into the economic pulse. Central to the dashboard are our economic cycle indexes, offering both a snapshot of the current economic climate and foresight into upcoming shifts.

Beyond the indexes, users gain access to over 30 detailed graphs updated monthly, shedding light on diverse economic indicators, from labor market metrics to leading indicators and much more. With the MacroEdge Data Dashboard, clients are empowered with a refined analytical lens, fostering informed decision-making in an ever-evolving economic landscape.

9.99 USD  / user

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