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Ozone Data and Reports

The MacroEdge Ozone Reports and Insights Dashboard empowers you with data at your fingertips. Access is included with a subscription to MacroEdge Ozone. Below is some of our ever-expanding list of offerings. Use the button below to get a two-week trial of MacroEdge Ozone 


Exclusively MacroEdge

- MacroEdge Unemployment Radar

- MacroEdge Labor Market Health Index 

- MacroEdge Casino Gaming Revenue Index

- MacroEdge U3 Unemployment Cycle Index 

- MacroEdge Job Cuts Tracker

- Other MacroEdge developed data views

- More Coming Soon


- Weekly Ozone Data Report

(Includes Vision Equity Research notes)

- Monthly MacroEdge Labor Market Report 

- Quarterly 'State of the Gambler' Report 


The Classics

- Labor Market Data 

- Manufacturing Data 

- Automotive and Truck Sales Data 

- Entertainment Sector Data

- Housing Sector Data

- Construction Data

- Warehouse and Wholesaling Data

- State-Level Data 

- International Data (More arriving with MacroEdge One)

- Bull/Bear Sentiment Data 

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